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Mordo Barokas | E-mail
congratulations,it is perfect and wonderfull work. Iwill give you same information about my cusions and aunts and unc,also about my wife 's family
soon.Let me organize their names. I am still surfing in your site.It would take time :but it will be pleasure to me to help you to find information as much as possible.
But I wold like to use turkısh if you know .it will be more esay to me.
İf you give me a telefone number ıwill call you.İn this way I can speak hebrew
11 February 2008 - Istanbul, Turkey

Charles Mahler | E-mail
Hello to you,
Kol Hakavod for this wonderful website.
Did Severe Bejerano marry Sara Stéphanie Adler born in Krakow (1879) and living in Antwerp?
Her grandmother, was my gr.gr.grandmother.
Best regards
Charles Mahler
8 February 2008 - Antwerp Belgium

Webmaster comments   Dear Charles

Thank you for your post.

Severe Bejarano that appears on my family tree, was the son of the Chief Rabbi of Turkey, Rabbi Haim Bejarano (1850-1931).
Rabbi Haim Bejarano was born in Stara-Zagora (Bulgaria), He moved to Romania, and eventually arrived to Turkey.

I heard that Severe had no children. I don't know if he was married.
Severe was an engineer.
Some of his siblings arrived to France.

Do you think that we are talking on the same person?

Best regards

Albert Fins | E-mail
Your website is fantastic! I am related to this family through the Solomon Mitrani branch and can give you family names if you wish to add them, just contact me at the email address below.
27 January 2008 - From New York, currently living in London UK

Megan Hall | E-mail
Hi! This is a great site. I found my mother on it, her name is carol werchadlo. I am her daughter. If you need any additional information I would be happy to help. : ) take care
24 January 2008 - Rhode island US

Webmaster comments   Dear Megan

I'm so glad to receive your mail because you are my 3rd cousin.
your grandmother Ida Werchadlo (Canneti) was first cousin with my grandmother Aliza Baruch (Levy).
Ida's Mother - Clara Canneti (Levy), who was your Great-grandmother, was the sister of my Great-grandfather Isaac Levy.
It means that we have the same Great-Great-grandparents. Their names were Eliezer & Hourci Levy.
You can find some photos of Hourci on our family website.

I'll be glad to get more information about your family. As you can see on the "family tree" there are still a lot of missing information regarding to your family.

Your cousin
Kobi Beraha

אליהו ברכה | E-mail
האם קימת אינפורמציה באשר למשפחת ברכה מחלב סוריה שכניראה שורשיה הם בתורכיה (למיטב ידיעתי). שם סבי גם הוא אליהו ברכה. אאסוף עוד נתונים אם יש לכם קצה חוט לקשר החלבי. תודה
4 January 2008

yehuda baruch (herzelia, israel) | E-mail | url
קובי שלום

אני קורא וקורא ומרגיש בקצות האצבעות שאני קרוב אבל לא יכול למצוא את הקרבה להלן מעט מידע שאולי יוכל לסייע לך לסייע לי

אני שמי : יהודה ברוך
שם אבי : אברהם ברןך
שם סבי: יהודה ברוך
לסבי היתה אחות ששמה זימבול והיא חייה בתל אביב
היא נפטרה יחסית צעירה מסכרת, כך פרטי המידע שיש לנו
היה לו גם אח ששמו מאיר ברוך - לא ברורים הפרטים עליו
סבא של אבי שמו : ניסים ברוך

בן דוד של אבי שמו בישראל ניסים ברוך
והוא שימש כמנכ"ל ביטוח לאומי ומנכל משרד

כיוון שהשמות חוזרים על עצמם
אני מרגיש שיש קשר אבל לא מצליח למצוא אותו
אולי יש לך קצה חוט לקרבה אפשרית

יהודה ברוך
3 January 2008 - Herzellia, ISRAEL

Dear Kobi,
When you reached me on Facebook, I have just accepted your call without knowing you, just because you had a very family look in your eyes, the Ciprut eyes. And I was right. The same day my nephew Aksel , son of my sister Tulin, and soon after my son Mike , called me both to say that they have received your mail too and was curious to know who you are.
At this point I remembered your visit, or the visit of your father, I am not sure , during my stay in Israel two years ago and I remember I was told about this project. On behalf of all the family I should be grateful to you and should thank you a lot for all this hard work and precious collection you managed to collect. Thanks a lot and hope will meet one day. In the meantime if you need any information plese do not hesitate to contact me . Bye for now and all the best for a Happy New Year. Sunny
2 January 2008 - ISTANBUL TURLEY

Webmaster comments   Dear Sunny

Thank you for your beautiful reply.
I remember you during your last visit in Israel.
I met you and your husband when I came to visit you with my parents Rivka & Sami Beraha.

This project of building our "family tree", is becoming bigger and bigger and every time there are new discoveries about our family.

Let me tell you about my new findings regarding to our family:

Your great-grandmother was as you know Sara Ciprut who was born in Edirne. (She was also my Great-great-grandmother).
I always wondered what was her maiden name before she got married with Yehuda Ciprut (your great-grandfather).

A few years ago, I asked that question my mother's uncle, Haim levy (First cousin of Ivet) and he told me that Sara's maiden name was Sahni.
However, We had no any other information about her family.

A week ago I spoke with Klara Seranga. Klara is also a first cousin of Ivet and she is about 83 years old.

Suddenly, she told me that her grandmother Sara Ciprut had a brother and that she heard about the son of that brother whos name was Aharon Shani.

She also told me that Aharon Shani was born in Bulgaria but came to israel and died in Israel.

I was starting to think how we can get contact with his descandants who are also our cousins. Then Klara told me that Aharaon shani's wife had a sister who was a freind of her. She passed away but I got the telephone number of her daughter.

After a few phone calles I got the details of Aharon Shani's son who still alive and live in Israel.

I called him, Told him who I am and we spoke more then an hour about his family who are also our family.

His father was indeed Aharon Shani and his grandfather was Avraham Sani who was born also in Edirne.
I belive that Avraham Shani was the brother of Sara Cuprut.

He also told me that Aharon Shani had a sister in istanbul, Named Klara Molcho. Klara molcho had a saughter named Suzana Telvi and I heard that your mother knows her !!!!

I wonder I you could ask your mother if this "story" is correct.

If so, Then we've just discovered a whole new branch of our family :-).


Yasha | E-mail | url
Amazing, Kobi - congratulations. Doesn't it drive you crazy?! So sorry I have nothing to contribute but it has been fascinating
1 January 2008 - England

Steven D. Levy | E-mail
Thank you Kobi,
I was going through some old papers of my father Marco's and googled the name of my cousin Howard Termo in Califonia and your web site came up.I will be spending some time learning about my family tree and share it with my children.
Thank you again
11 December 2007 - My wife Camille and I live in Glenville, NY

Webmaster comments   Dear Steven

I was very glad to get you mail

Your Grandmother Sultana Levy was a sister of my Great-Grandfather Isaac Levy.
It means that you're a second cousin with my mother Rivka Baruch.

Sultana and her sisters, Victoria (Pinhas) & Clara (Canetti) came to America during the 1920's. Their brother Isaac Moved to Israel.

Since your Grandmother Sultana and your Grandfather Haim were also first cousins, we are also related through your grandfather side. I wonder what was the name of Haim's parents. If you have any idea, Please let me know.

On the website, You can see some photos of your Great-grandmother Hourci Levy and her children.

Hope you like it.

It would be great if you could fill the missing information of your branch of the family.

your cousin

Renann Isaacs | E-mail
I recently discovered the name of my birth mother. Esther Levy was born in Cairo, Egypt on October 26, 1933. She lived in from the age of 15 to 28 in Israel. She then moved to New York (for two years) and immigrated to Canada in 1963/64. She died in Toronto on December 25th, 2001. She is buried in the Holon Cemetery just outside of Tel Aviv, Israel.
I never got the chance to meet her but know that she has four sibblings (one older sister, two older brothers, and one younger brother) who reside in Israel. Her parents Abraham Levy and Rachel (nee Grassi) Levy are deceased. Sounds like this may not necessarily be my family tree but I'm hoping that somebody here might know somebody there who might know somebody anywhere who may be able to point me in the right direction!!!
Looking forward to hearing from anybody who might help me track down my biological relatives.
22 November 2007 - Toronto/Montreal, Canada

yanay yariv | E-mail
היי מפתיע כל הכבוד על העבודה הסזיפית
אני מופיע באתרך כבעלה של ינאי עידית
השם של בתי הצעירה הינו "אופיר ".תאריך לידתה הינו 29.11.2005
20 November 2007 - ישראל

james oberstein | E-mail
I came across my cousin's name Mario Yagoda.
We never met since I left Cuba before he was born.
His father Leon was my mother's brother and a great
uncle to me. I been trying to find him and meet him
and this great web site indicated that he is in California. Thank you.
17 November 2007 - Miami Florida

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