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Cynthio Saydon | E-mail
I found the surname Saydon in you family tree and I wounder if we are from the same descendants.
26 December 2006 - Malta

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7 December 2006 -

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Nadine Domenichini | E-mail

Je vous prie de m'excuser, mais je ne parle pas Anglais.

Je suis Nadine DOMENICHINI ne STEINER pouse de Daniel (dit Dany) DOMENICHINI.

Je vous adresse les photos des grand'parents de Dany (Marin BEJARANO et Rene CARON), nous mme (Daniel DOMENICHINI et Nadine STEINER), nos enfants (Vincent DOMENICHINI, Marion MAERKY ne DOMENICHINI, Thomas DOMENICHINI), Hugo et Zo, (enfants de Marion), Manon (fille de Vincent).

Bravo pour votre site familytress.genopro.com concernant les familles BERAHA,ASA,BEJARANO et BECHAR, il me permet de complter mon arbre gnalogique. Merci

Encore toutes mes excuses de ne m'exprimer qu'en Franais.

Recevez mes meilleurs sentiments, bientt
4 December 2006

Neville Levy | E-mail | url
I am the grandson of Sophie Sourasky, youngest sister of Wolf Sourasky. Sophie was born in Bialystok around 1905/6 (Wolf was born in the 1880's and went to live in Israel).
I know she had some relatives in Istanbul Anita & Harry Birol.
I wonder if Renee's husband was Wolf's grandson?
I am in touch with the Sourasky family in Mexico & LA, but by coincidence, my grandparents were also born in Istanbul - around the 1880's: Nissim Isidore Levy & Leah Esther Morhaim! I am also in touch with the family from Istanbul now living in Peru (my grandfather's brother's family, the Lemor-Levy family. What a small world. It would be great to hear from any relatives with some more information. By the way, I also do a little work in Poland and was in Bialystok earlier this month!
28 November 2006 - Borehamwood, UK (20 miles north of London)

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23 November 2006

Rosa Mitrani Grainer | E-mail
Hi Kobi, your web site is wonderful
I am one of the daughters of Dr. Salomon Mitrani Sevy.
There is one picture of a person with a gun that is not my father, this is another cousin Salomon Mitrani Barlav.
Please remove it from your site.

Also how can I send you another pictures to add.

Regards, Rosa
14 November 2006 - Miami

Webmaster comments   Dear Rosa.
I'm so glad to to receive this Email from my 3rd Cousin.
I heard about you from the Sevdermish Family and from Rosa Mindel (2nd cousin of your father).
I live in Israel, Married to Efrat and have 2 children: Amir who is 7.5 Years old & Alon who is 5 years old.
You can see all the details about me at our family website.

I'm wondering who is the person with the gun. this photo was taken on 10 June 1949. your father was about 17 years old at that time.
You said this is Salomon Mitrani Barlav. Is this person also in the Tree? Is he the son of Alegra Mitrani Russo & Issac Mitrani?

You can send me more pictures to add to my email. kobi.beraha@gmail.com

Also - please tell me about your family, so I could add those details

Kobi Beraha

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4 November 2006

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8 October 2006 -

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25 September 2006 -

albert mizrahi | E-mail
Shalom, keshe ratsiti lechapes et shmi ba internet, raiti et atarchem ve ze aya meanyen. Ani gar bestanbul, ayiti baarets lekama shanim ve misham yodea ivrit. Raiti she rav mishorsheychem beTurkiya, hashavti ulay krovim afilu, mi yodea? Eloim yodea, aval kulanu achim sach hakol. Agav, haatar schelachem mutslah meod. Yom naim
17 July 2006 - istanbul - turkey

Steven Canetti
Hi Kobi,

Kobi, my name is Steven. I am Sol's son. I live in Maryland and happen to be visiting my parents for a few days at the time of this correspondence. My father has filled me in on some of the details of the family history that you've been developing. It's all very interesting, and I'd be glad to see the whole picture once you've been able to fill in as many details as you can. I'm sure that my father will be me informed.

I'd volunteer further details of the family genealogy, but I really don't know any beyond what you've discussed. Some of the relatives that you talk about (Inez, Marco, Sarah, Lucy), I have known from my distant past, in my childhood, but didn't really know anything further about their connection to the family other than what you've already covered, and my knowledge of that is scant.

Back in about 1986, I did spend a few weeks in Israel, and in that time, a few days with your mother's aunt, Regina (who, apparently, is my first cousin, once removed--based on the fact that she's my father's first cousin), and David, her son. As I have some keyboard fluency, I'm going to write my father's dictated reply to your recent e-mail. Following is his response.

Thanks for your prompt reply. Hayim and Isaac Levi had a sister and her name to my knowledge was Zimbul. Isaac Levi had 3 children, Max, Jack, and a daughter called Duddi (pronounced doo-dee). Max and Duddi died some time ago. Jack is still alive and if I can, I will try and reach him to see if he has any further information that I can pass along to you.

Hayim's family and my family were very very close. My Aunt Sultana had many children and their names were Ida (deceased), Louis (deceased), Sarah (living), Lucy (deceased), Marco (deceased), and Inez (who, at the moment is very ill).

While I knew Isaac Levi's children very well also, we didn't live near one another.

I knew nothing about my Grandfather on Hurci's side. Sorry that I can't be of any help there.

Best wishes,

How did you arrive at the spelling of my father's last name Canetti, as Kaneti. I've never seen it spelled in this way. Also, to my knowledge, the family name of Levy, was spelled with a "y", not Levi, as you've indicated.
14 July 2006 - Maryland, USA

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7 July 2006 -

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